Our team of stylists at Capelli Bel Sole comprises highly skilled professionals with years of experience in the hair industry. Each stylist brings a wealth of expertise, creativity, and passion for hair styling to our salon. Their dedication to staying updated with the latest trends and techniques ensures that they deliver exceptional results and remain at the forefront of their craft. As a collective, our stylists are sought-after professionals who are committed to providing top-notch services and creating personalized looks that enhance the natural beauty of our clients.

Jessica Bruno

Passionate Salon Owner with Extensive Experience:

Jessica Bruno is a seasoned professional who has devoted her entire career to Capelli Salon. Her 17 years of experience have provided her with a deep understanding of the business and a keen eye for delivering exceptional customer service. As a result, she has honed her skills in all aspects of salon operations, from managing the business to building a loyal clientele.

Expertise in Alfaparf Milano Color:

Jessica is an expert colorist with a specialization in the renowned brand Alfaparf Milano. Her expertise enables her to achieve customized color results for her clients. Whether you desire vibrant fashion shades, seamless highlights, or natural-looking tones, Jessica’s expertise in Alfaparf Milano ensures that your color experience will be truly exceptional.

Precision Haircuts and Men’s Styling:

Alongside her mastery of color, Jessica is highly skilled in precision haircuts and specializes in men’s styling. With her keen attention to detail and creative vision, she can transform your hairstyle, whether you’re seeking a classic look or a modern, trend-setting design. Her ability to craft tailored men’s cuts ensures that male clients can confidently rely on her skills to achieve their desired style.

A Warm and Welcoming Experience:

As the owner of Capelli Bel Sole, Jessica takes pride in providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for every client. Her commitment to exceptional customer service ensures that you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your salon experience. She believes in building strong relationships with her clients, actively listening to their needs, and collaborating with them to create hairstyles that exceed their expectations.

Brianne Enos

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With 18 years of experience in the hairstyling industry, Brianne Enos is a highly skilled and knowledgeable stylist who brings a wealth of expertise to Capelli Bel Sole. Known for her exceptional work in balayage and blonding techniques, Brianne is passionate about creating beautiful and natural-looking hair transformations for her clients.

Certified in Natural Beaded Row and Trust & Mane Extensions

As a certified specialist in Natural Beaded Row and Trust & Mane Extensions, Brianne possesses the skills and knowledge to provide top-quality hair extensions that seamlessly blend with natural hair. Whether you’re looking to add length, volume, or both, Brianne can create stunning transformations that enhance your overall look.

Master of Balayage and Blonding:

Brianne’s expertise lies in the art of balayage and blonding. With her keen eye for detail and creative approach, she can create customized, sun-kissed highlights and achieve stunning blondes that suit each client’s unique features and preferences. Brianne understands the importance of achieving natural-looking results while maintaining the health and integrity of the hair.

Specialist in Eufora Hair Care Products:

Brianne is also well-versed in the benefits of Eufora hair care products. Eufora offers cutting-edge, plant-based technology for performance-driven hair care, tailored to different hair types, textures, and conditions. With Brianne’s extensive knowledge of Eufora, she can recommend the most suitable products and treatments to nourish and improve the health of your hair. From repairing damaged hair to protecting color and promoting scalp health, Eufora offers a comprehensive approach to hair care.

A Commitment to Continued Learning:

In an ever-evolving industry, Brianne is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest trends, techniques, and products. She actively seeks out educational opportunities to enhance her skills and ensure that her clients receive the highest level of service and expertise.

Thu Tam Nguyen

With an impressive 25 years of experience in the hair industry, Thu Tam is a seasoned professional who brings a wealth of expertise and artistry to Capelli Bel Sole. Her passion for hair styling and dedication to staying updated with the latest techniques and trends make her a valuable asset to our salon.

Color Mastery with Schwarzkopf:

Thu Tam possesses an exceptional understanding of color and is a certified expert in the renowned Schwarzkopf color line. She has undergone extensive training to master the intricacies of color theory, application techniques, and formulation. Whether you desire vibrant, fashion-forward hues or subtle, natural tones, Thu Tam has the knowledge and skills to create stunning and personalized color transformations that complement your unique style.

Mastery in Tony&Guy and Vidal Sassoon:

To further enhance her skills, Thu Tam has achieved certified mastery in both Tony&Guy and Vidal Sassoon techniques. Tony&Guy is renowned for its precision cutting and innovative styling methods, while Vidal Sassoon is known for its iconic geometric cuts and groundbreaking approach to hair design. With this comprehensive training, Thu Tam can expertly execute a wide range of cutting and styling techniques, ensuring that you receive a hairstyle that is contemporary, sophisticated, and tailored to your individual features.

Danielle Van Kampen-Swick

Danielle is an experienced hairstylist with 18 years of dedicated service to the Los Gatos community. Known for her passion in creating exceptional everyday looks for her clients, Danielle takes pride in delivering hairstyles that are not only stunning but also practical for their daily routines. Her goal is to provide clients with tangible styles they can easily replicate on a regular basis.

Certified Deva Curl Haircut Specialist:

As a certified specialist in Deva Curl Haircuts and Products, Danielle possesses the expertise to cater to clients with curly hair. She has acquired specialized skills to enhance and embrace natural curls, providing optimal shape, definition, and manageability. Please note that Deva Curl Haircuts require more time during the booking process as Danielle ensures meticulous attention to detail for each curly-haired client.

Versatile Color Expertise:

Danielle’s preferred choice for color services is the renowned brand Goldwell. With its extensive range of shades and exceptional quality, Goldwell allows her to create stunning and customized color results. However, Danielle also enjoys exploring other color lines, such as Alfaparf and various others, to accommodate diverse color preferences and techniques.

Personalized Haircare Solutions:

Danielle is dedicated to addressing all her clients’ haircare needs and providing tailored solutions to enhance their natural beauty. By taking the time to understand each client’s unique hair type, texture, and desired style, she can recommend suitable products and techniques to maintain and optimize hair health and appearance. Whether it’s a new haircut, a color transformation, or advice on maintaining curls, Danielle is committed to delivering results that exceed expectations.

Keaton Van Nada

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With an impressive 22 years of experience in the hair industry, Keaton Van Nada is a seasoned professional who brings a wealth of expertise and creativity to Capelli Bel Sole. Keaton’s passion for hair styling, coupled with her dedication to staying updated with the latest trends and techniques, makes her a highly sought-after stylist.

Great Lengths and Trust & Mane Certified Hair Extension Specialist:

Keaton holds the esteemed certification as a Great Lengths and Trust & Mane hair extension specialist. This means she possesses advanced knowledge and skill in the art of hair extensions. Whether you’re looking to add length, volume, or experiment with creative styles, Keaton can expertly transform your hair using high-quality Great Lengths and Trust & Mane extensions for stunning, natural-looking results.

WBR Certified Colorist:

As a certified WBR colorist, Keaton has mastered the art of creating beautiful and vibrant hair colors. WBR (Waterfall Beaded Row) is a renowned color technique that focuses on creating multidimensional and reflective color effects. Keaton’s expertise in this technique allows her to achieve stunning and customized color results that enhance your features and complement your individual style.

Goldwell Color Specialist:

With her extensive training and experience as a Goldwell color specialist, Keaton is adept at using the highest quality color products to achieve exceptional results. Whether you desire vibrant fashion shades, seamless highlights, or natural-looking tones, Keaton’s expertise in Goldwell color ensures that you’ll receive a customized and flawless color service.

Premium Hair Care Products:

Keaton is committed to using top-quality products that nourish and enhance the hair. She proudly works with premium brands such as Mr. Smith, Kevin Murphy, and WOW products. These product lines are known for their exceptional performance and use of high-quality ingredients, ensuring that your hair receives the care it deserves.

Versatile Hair Services:

Keaton’s skills encompass a wide range of hair services. From precise haircuts to expertly executed highlights, balayage, and foliage techniques, Keaton can bring your hair vision to life. Her artistic flair and attention to detail allow her to create customized and stunning looks that accentuate your natural beauty. Additionally, Keaton has expertise in costume color, enabling her to create bold and vibrant styles for special occasions and events.

Kari Wallick

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With over 40 years of styling experience under her belt, Kari Wallick stands as a true maven in the hairstyling world. A master of her craft, she has garnered immense expertise and an impeccable eye for creating stunning looks that transcend generations. Kari’s passion for hair artistry and her love for her clients shine through in every strand she touches. Kari also loves to volunteer at the Los Gatos High School Theater, working backstage to bring the characters to life on stage.

Kari believes in inclusivity and acceptance. Here, everyone is valued equally, regardless of gender or identity. Kari’s commitment to making the salon a welcoming and safe space for all has earned her the trust and admiration of a diverse clientele.

A Stylist for All:

With her extensive experience, Kari understands that each individual’s hair needs are unique. From teens seeking stylish and trendy haircuts to seasoned individuals in pursuit of a classic and sophisticated look, Kari’s ability to connect with people of all ages is truly remarkable. Her genuine care for her clients and her commitment to delivering personalized and tailored services make her a beloved stylist for families and individuals alike. Kari also provides a wheelchair-accessible environment for any clients who require special accommodations.

Certified in Wigs For Kids – Hair Donation Program:

Beyond her artistic talents, Kari is also certified in Wigs For Kids, a hair donation program. Her expertise allows her to skillfully cut hair for donation, providing the gift of beautiful hair to those in need. Her dedication to making a difference through her craft shines as brightly as her styling prowess. As a part of the Wigs For Kids donation program, a portion of the cost of your services will be discounted.


Kari’s passion for color knows no bounds, and she has honed her expertise using the illustrious Goldwell color product line. With Goldwell’s innovative and high-quality color formulations, Kari can create a spectrum of vibrant and captivating hair colors. Whether you desire vivid fashion shades, stunning ombre effects, or playful highlights, Kari’s artistry with Goldwell color brings life and brilliance to your hair, leaving you with a dazzling and head-turning look.

Perms, A Timeless Art:

With a deft touch and unparalleled expertise, Kari creates enchanting and long-lasting curls for people of all ages. Whether it’s a classic and elegant look or a modern and playful style, her magic with perms captivates her clients of all ages and leaves them with a confidence that lasts.

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We invite you to schedule an appointment with Kari by calling or texting at 408-354-5643.

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